Asea Ginsburg
Asea Ginsburg
User Experience Specialist
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Certified User Experience (CXA) & Usability Analyst (CUA), with background in Computer Science and Web Design.

I design for persuasion, emotion and trust, focusing on cognitive and social psychology.

In the last 14 years, I worked with associations, non-profits, government & commercial companies.


UX Research

Qualitative or quantitative research methods.

  • Interviews
  • Task and Feature Analysis
  • User Personas
  • User Research and Results Analysis
  • Usability Testing

expert Reviews

Expert Reviews or Heuristic Evaluations meant to review existing digital interfaces.

  • User control and freedom
  • Consistency and standards
  • Error prevention, recognition and recovery

user-centered design

Solving business and user problems by merging the needs of the customer/member and stakeholder.

  • User Flows and Workflows
  • Low/High Fidelity Prototypes

What They Say


"No matter what the usability issue was, I could count on Asea to solve the problem and help me think through how to make the pieces come together for a great solution. She truly is an inspired usability expert."

 Carrie H.

"Asea is a rare individual who can span both the technical and creative aspects of a project. Always one step ahead of the market with her skills, terrific at looking ahead to what "the next big thing" is going to be. In the five years at Balance she garnered the utmost respect from her colleagues and her clients."

Tracy B.


"The customer needs are always first priority and she manages interactions with a strong focus on project plans and 150%, very passionate about her work; a good listener and cares about both clients and internal staff."

Marylou J.

"Asea is one of the best Usability Experts. I hired her firm to help us redesign our Intranet which involved performing Information Architecture activities, Usability testings, wire-framing along with design recommendations."

Ntale L.


“Her leadership skills enabled her to bring out the best in the creative staff that worked for her. Time and time again, clients were very pleased.”

—Rich W.