No matter what the usability issue was, I could count on Asea to solve the problem and help me think through how to make the pieces come together for a great solution. She truly is an inspired usability expert.
— Director of Content Strategy
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Customer-Centered. Data-Driven.

Asea is the Manager of User Experience at the National Association of Realtors in Washington DC. She specializes in improving quality of experiences, creating efficiencies, infusing experiences with delight and above all, advocating for customer needs. Customer Experience is central to everything she does. She likes to solve problems, work with people from cross-functional teams and enjoy the process along the way.

15 years in Digital, a Certified User Experience Analyst (CXA) and a Usability Analyst (CUA) with experience in Digital Design and background in Computer Science and Graphic Design. Experienced working with associations, government agencies and in private sector.

Always looking for opportunities to remove unnecessary barriers, frustrations, and shape delightful experiences for customers through behavioral insights, research and optimized processes.


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